Tips on dating a man from morocco

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We didn’t have a choice; it was the only (straightest, quickest, and nearest) way back, and at that hour pretty much all the side streets in Marrakech become dark, lonely alleys.

There were several instances when we had to walk in between groups of loitering guys on either side, and speaking for all of us, I truly thought getting mugged or worse was a completely real possibility on at least 5-8 separate occasions that night (read: hour).

Some assume that it might be good for business if other tourists see you getting henna or walking around with a small pretty design - a loss leader - so they accept the free sample.

Even with careful upfront explanations like “I have no money with me”, the henna ladies, of course, demand payment.

It was cheap and unlike the disastrous package holiday I'd been on previously, the travel agent assured me that I would find everything I wanted there.

I told her that I was looking for something different.

Twenty years ago, I went to Morocco for the first time.

I wanted to go to Italy but I couldn't afford it, so this was plan B.

That said I think getting laid in Morocco is nearly an impossible feat, although Ironbound claims to have made it happen, so I suppose it can be done.

It's advisable to stock up on black olive oil soap, ghassoul (clay used as hair conditioner), a kiis (exfoliating glove) and a mat to sit on.

Visitors need to take their own towels, comb and flip-flops.

On top of looks, I'd say mastery of French or Arabic will be huge, if you can speak French fluently it will make communicating and gaming that much greater.

And finally, you need balls of steel and the determination to succeed, mixed with a healthy dose of good luck.

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