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The voices of his sons can be still heard, for they were transformed by the gods into winds themselves, and the pillars over their tombs in Tinos were said to wave whenever the wind blew from the north.Ancient personifications of winds, shaping a landscape both liquid and solid, elusive yet eternal.Chances are, if you’ve found someone to love, and if the love is reciprocated, you’re busy getting on with the rest of your life.But if you’re single, most likely you’re hoping to meet that special someone.

Es - sieviete, kurai pc mnea paliks trsdesmit, ir vrs, brns, nodrointa dzve, it k viss, ko var vlties, un tomr reizm kaut kas pietrkst. Saviem gadiem izskatjos labi - vismaz visi t teica un reti kur deva vairk par divdesmit pieci.Perhaps you have left or lost a partner, and are not up for the complexities of an LTR.Or maybe you are simply too accustomed to the independence of single life.Es biju t apstulbusi, ka nespju pateikt ne vrda, vien automtiski pieclos kjs un pagju viam soli pret.Vi strauji pienca klt, apskva manu vidukli un noskpstja - ilgi, kaislgi, dedzinoi...

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