Updating codes for kameleon remote

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The One For All universal remotes use the world’s largest and most efficient database of infrared codes and, therefore, they operate all recognised brands such as Philips, Samsung and Sony as well as lesser known brands.This ensures that the remote is ready to control the desired device in a matter of minutes, or even less.

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If youve really messed up, the remote has two main reset options: custom programming reset (code 9-8-0) deletes everything except configured device codes, while setup code reset (code 9-7-7) does more than just clear device codes it wipes out absolutely everything. Some curious and technically inclined users have discovered that this is, in fact, the connection through which all factory updating of the remote is accomplished.

Not sure how I did it, but try this: In the setup menu, how to get there is in the directions, press the "other" button then using the number keys type this 9-8-5.

The remote should blink twice, press the home button and you're done.

Someone stated that holding the volume or channel button down does not repeatedly send the signal. Some people stated that the glow (default is 8 secs) is too short. The remote is thin, and has a very nice feel on the backside, like a Fountech Airstyle PS2 controller..comfortable and grippy.

The metal trim around the remote is classy and feels great too. The wow factor is high as well, as many people just look at the remote and say..where are the buttons? Granted, it has almost no tactile feedback (you can "feel" when you actually press something but it's not as tactile as a normal button, and if you were blindfolded, you'd have a tougher time), but I got used to it and pretty much can locate the major "buttons" such as Vol and channel without looking.

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