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While to most people presently, byte and octet are synonymous, those working with certain legacy systems are careful to avoid ambiguity.

Octets are often expressed and displayed using a variety of representations, for example in the hexadecimal, decimal, or octal number systems.

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Official native Sphinx API implementations for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and Java are included within the distribution package.

API is very lightweight so porting it to a new language is known to take a few hours or days.

This release is the first to be made available as a single easy to install Windows file, as well as in the traditional 'tarball' form.

This meaning of byte is codified in such standards as ISO/IEC 80000-13.

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Data Vision is an Open Source reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports. They may be run, viewed, and printed from the application or exported as HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, La Te X2e, Doc Book, or tab- or comma-delimited text files.

The output files produced by La Te X2e and Doc Book can in turn be used to produce PDF, text, HTML, Post Script, and more.

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