Updating thumbnails in iphoto

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Bridge already has 3 ways to speed up the thumbnail embedding and reading - but it's still painfully slow in folders of hundreds of files for ex.

There should be a 4th way of thumbs handling - found in some Slideshow viewers It should read just once the content of a folder and take a "Snapshot" of the thumbs as found at that moment.

When you first launch Photos, it'll either auto-convert your primary library or ask you to pick which library you'd like to import.

You can also check out our super in-depth Photos for OS X Ultimate Guide and i Cloud Photo Library Ultimate Guide for more information, how-tos, and walkthroughs. Your i Photo or Aperture library is compatible, and can be imported seamlessly into the Photos app.

The new Photos library references the same master images as your old library, so you don't need the space to store images twice.

Duplicate Annihilator Documentation (607 KB) Frequently asked questions about Duplicate Annihilator: That is easy, simply select the images you like to delete and use the key combination option command backspace to delete them.

This is what you should do: Now your copy of Duplicate Annihilator is unlocked and fully functional.

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