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Voice Phone In and Phone Out capabilities, our co-branded landline and mobile phone service from Jajah”.

Yahoo confirms “Free Messenger-to-Messenger calls will still be offered through Yahoo!

Plaintiff Cecilia Barnes made claims arising out of Defendant Yahoo!

, Inc., as an Internet service provider cannot be held responsible for failure to remove objectionable content posted to their website by a third party.

profiles about her that included solicitation to engage in sexual intercourse.

These profiles seemed like they came from Barnes herself and contained nude photographs of her that were taken without her knowledge as well as her real contact information. asserted that it was immune from the suit under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which "immunizes interactive service providers such as Yahoo!

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Released with Tabbed IMs, Offline Installer Link Inside Seems as if Yahoo got inspired from Google decided to discontinue some features from its yahoo Messenger Product.

“Sometimes, this means we have to make tough decisions — like closing down features that we feel aren’t adding enough value for you.

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The first I received the "manager" that was interviewing me had so many misspelled words and was so unprofessional I thought this has to be a scam and I ended the session and told them I wasn't interested.So today I received another e-mail saying that they thought I would be a perfect fit for a job and I thought back to my research.No contact information whatsoever, just the instant messenger address. 11, 2010, by the United States Marshals Service shows Trevor Shea of Mechanicsburg, Md., who was sentenced to 33 years in federal prison in January, 2012, after pleading guilty to seven counts of production of child pornography. Marshals Service, File)INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Registered sex offenders who have been banned from social networking websites are fighting back in the nation's courts, successfully challenging many of the restrictions as infringements on free speech and their right to participate in common online discussions.Supporters of Indiana's ban on sex offenders using social networking say offenders often become repeat offenders: Shea had already been charged with extorting a 16-year-old girl Indiana girl to perform sexual acts during video chats when he was accused of doing the same thing to more underage girls while free on bond. The legal battles pit public outrage over sex crimes against cherished guarantees of individual freedom and the far-reaching communication changes brought by Facebook, Linked In and dozens of other sites."It's going to be really, really hard, I think, to write something that will achieve the state's purpose in protecting children online but not be restrictive enough to be unconstitutional," said Carolyn Atwell-Davis, director of legislative affairs at the Virginia-based National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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