Who is actress charlize theron dating

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Charlize Theron is dangerously beautiful as lethal assassin Lorraine in her new action thriller “Atomic Blonde.” “Extra’s” Terri Seymour sat down with the actress in Berlin, where she opened up on that racy love scene with Sofia Boutella that everyone is talking about!

Theron commented, “We always wanted to raise the bar a little, but with the action, we wanted it to still feel that a woman could do all of that stuff — that was important for me as a woman, I wanted it to feel authentic, so no one can say a woman can’t do that.” She went on to point out, “I’m going to be 42 in August, very proud to say, ladies.” Her training for the film did take a toll on her body.

Like it really is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed,” she said.

"To see how much they love each other and to see how much they’re excited to see each other.

“In the morning I have them alone and they kind of work against each other sometimes.

One kind of decides to freak out and then both decide to freak out. You think they’d stand there and be considerate like, ‘Well, that one is freaking out right now, I’m not gonna freak out.

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