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On a dreary day in late February, Mary Alice Yeskey attends her first Charm City Cakes staff meeting since going on maternity leave.

When she officially returns to work this spring (with two-month-old son Spencer in tow), her new office will be in the former equipment storeroom for Ace of Cakes, the Food Network reality show that was filmed at the Remington bakery.

"Whereas most people, on their way to work, are just worried about work. I was like, ' Okay, am I going to ride bikes, or am I not going to ride bikes?

'" PHOTOS: Celeb health scares For the Food Network star, riding bikes has been so deeply "ingrained in my heart and soul" that the alternative would work against his well-being.

I have had local wedding planners say, 'Oh, I didn't even realize you did cakes in Baltimore,' and I'm like, 'We are a local shop.20 and doing cooking demos over the weekend at Fun and Fit as a Family at Jungle Island. 22, about his adoration for motorcycles — even after enduring a serious accident that resulted in the loss of several toes.“The more recognition you get for something that you do, the greater the pressure becomes, because more people are looking for a mistake.So you really gotta make sure your work is top-notch.” Mr Obama’s inauguration cake was made with an 18-inch base that went from light blue to navy blue at the top.

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