Who is melba moore dating

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Some of the money was also used to pay other investors as "returns" on their investments, the feds said.

Huggins is the former husband and manager of "This Is It" singer - and "Melba" star - Moore.

Kevin Goins - Kev Go Kev, Know what really angers me, Huggins had all these great acts and somehow managed to do lose them all in some form shape or fashion.

The list is very impressive, Lillo (as you mentioned. ), Z' Looke (another great Funk band), Alex Bugnon, Freddie Jackson, Dennis Coffey, Eric Gable, especially Najee, etc. Let me ask you something Kev, remember The System's "ESP" album?

to make sure Official is the Number 1 chart site on the interweb.

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Dream the impossible with all your heart, but if you find that your dreams keep on falling all apart, Come on and lean on me my darlin', I won't ever let you fall, ooooh lean on me I can't help but ta keep ya standin' tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grubman: Lillo Thomas, who wrote "Mind Up Tonight" for Melba, is a colleague of mine.

If you are still on the page where the annoying ad was (or still is) displayed, then proceed to fill out this form.from what i understand, they weren't married, however, they were heavily involved with one another. I don't really know what either one is up to Thom: Melba & Clifton met while starring in separate Broadway shows here in NYC.They did have a relationship but weren't married.They hosted their own variety program during the summer of 1972 (filling in Carol Burnett's timeslot).It was a highly rated show on CBS-TV and the duo was asked to come back in the summer of '73. IMHO their relationship wasn't so much "scandalous" as much as it just got so much press because they were a couple.

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